Meet the Team



Graphic Designer

My love (ok, obsession) of markers began years ago when I entered the world of corporate training. I began my career in Sales at Gateway, specifically at Gateway Country, selling computers and later opening and managing these retail stores. My store became a manager training store and the stores sold training to customers. I was immediately hooked on training - the creativity, the facilitation of ideas, and the satisfaction from students achieving “ah-ha” or lightbulb moments. Pursuing a bigger role in corporate Learning & Development, I moved into the design and development of corporate training. My success here led me to an amazing career with FedEx Office (formerly Kinko’s) where I led an amazing team of trainers and designers/developers and inspired them to greatness in their roles. My team and colleagues often called me “the marker girl”. Any time there was a need to solve a problem or get creative, I would pull out the markers and flip charts and facilitate a brainstorming discussion. My strongest skill is my ability to communicate. I find exactly the right words or images to convey a message to help people understand the point being made.

These skills allow me to thrive in the graphics and website design world. My training facilitation skills help me better consult with customers to identify their true needs and expectations - even if they don’t know them. My creative and communication skills drive me to message even the most complex ideas in a compelling and easy to understand point. This is critically important when trying to get your customers to take action based on what they see in print or online. My leadership and business savvy skills will blow you away. I’m confident you will appreciate my responsiveness and follow through.

I grew up in Iowa. My career moved me to several other states including South Dakota, Georgia, Florida, and Texas. My husband Wayde (more on him below) and I, along with our two Miniature Schnauzers (Franklin & Otis), love to camp. We’ve traveled to nearly all the US States. The New England states are still on our must-see list, as is Alaska! In my free time, I will be doing one of three things - cooking, watching movies, or reading a great book. I’ve been taking photographs since childhood and love the ability to convey a message through an image.

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Account Executive

Wayde is the ultimate people person. There is no such thing as a stranger, only a new friend. Everyone loves this guy which makes him a natural in sales. Wayde has been selling products and services his entire life. He takes time to understand you and your business which helps him recommend ways he can help you grow your business. That’s his motivation - to help you thrive!

Wayde grew up in South Dakota and, like me, moved for corporate opportunities to amazing states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. He’s worked for great corporations like Gateway and Apple. And, he’s worked for small businesses including his own landscape firm. Wayde loves music and has been known to awe listeners with his karaoke skills. He’s into fitness and eating healthy. He’s been a comic book fan since childhood and has several Marvel and DC tattoos. Ask him, he’ll show you and quiz your kids to see if they can identify every superhero. We are both animal lovers. Wayde takes it to the extreme. You’ll often see him pulling over on the road to save a turtle or some creature.


Our Story

We spent our careers working for corporate America. While we loved it, we were ready for a change. Wayde spent the last 9 years owning his own lawn, snow & landscape company. I joined him 1 year ago, leaving corporate behind to become a small business owner.

We recently took 4 months off to travel the country in our 30’ Airstream travel trailer. It was an amazing experience we recommend to everyone. It brought us closer together, allowed us to determine what was most important in our lives and helped us plan our next adventure - this company. At the very end of this 4-month journey, we landed in Colorado and fell in love with Fort Collins. We haven’t looked back!

Our Philosophy

Uniquely Creative: We have an eye for creative imagery and will bring that to your design. Every design will be as unique as the client we serve. Every week, we spend time researching new design concepts in order to bring you cutting-edge designs.

Fiercely Responsive: We are known for our responsiveness, follow-up, follow-through, and attention to detail. Once we commit to a meeting date or time, a deadline, a price, etc., we honor it. We promise you’ll be impressed.

We LOVE Feedback: The more feedback you provide, the better we serve you. We will ask for feedback every step of the way.