5 Tricks to Ensure Landscape Beauty Even If Grass Will Not Grow Under Your Trees

Do you have bare spots under your gorgeous mature trees? You're not alone. This is an often problem we hear from our Texas customers. Despite trying everything, the grass just will not grow. When trying to grow grass, there are a few things you should have in the back of your mind. To simplify things, we have listed 5 Tricks to Ensure Landscape Beauty Even If Grass Will Not Grow Under Your Trees.


1. Gutters

The first thing you always want to check when trying to grow grass is clean gutters. You might be thinking gutters... really? How will my gutters impact grass? Well, when gutters are filled with debris, and not working properly, rain can erode your dirt, grass seeds, landscape, etc. If you are unsure your gutters are working properly, go outside on the next rainy day and make note if the rain spouts are carrying water away from the area as intended and not spilling over the top. If debris or something similar is causing a clog, there are plenty of gutter and roofing companies that can easily make the repair. 


2. Prune Trees

You can prune and thin trees to get more sunlight on your lawn. We recommend using a certified Arborist. Pruning trees is a science and an art. It can be dangerous – for you, your home, and the trees. Regardless of who you hire, make sure you get referrals and drive by recently pruned trees to inspect for quality.  

3. Sun

After you’ve pruned the tree(s), watch the amount of sunlight that hits this area. An easy way to track is by drawing a map of your yard and noting which areas get sun every hour. Even shade grasses, like Fescue and St. Augustine, need a minimum of 4-6 hours of sunlight to grow.


4. No Sun? No Problem

If an area gets less than 4-6 hours of sunlight per day, you can add or enlarge your flower bed and plant some shade loving perennials, such as Hosta and Fern, or ground cover such as Asian Jasmine and Mondo Grass. Not a planting person? Patios are a wonderful option as well. You will  love the shade during the 90°-100°+ scorching temperatures in Texas. If you want to jump in on one of the latest trends, try Rock Beds, an awesome feature people are loving!


5. Soil

Before you plant new grass seed, sod, or shade loving perennials, make sure to check your soil. If you like science, you can buy soil testers at your local nursery and/or home store. You can even send soil samples in to local universities to be tested. If that sounds like a lot of work, simply bring in fresh soil and compost. Not only will this will provide great nutrients for whatever you plant, it will also give them the best fighting chance at survival. As a side note, make sure to not forget to check your irrigation too. New plants need more water and attention than mature lawns and landscapes.

The area under your trees should be just as beautiful as the rest of your landscape! Hopefully, with one of the tricks above, you can keep those bare spots away!




Jamie HayenComment