Measure Goal Progress

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Why do we keep score in a game?  Whether it’s football, volleyball, or even a board game, there is a scoreboard. We keep track of points, of statistics, and lots of other metrics. We keep score to know who wins and who loses.  During the game, it helps us focus on what is needed (aka strategy) to win the game. We track metrics to learn from our mistakes and continuously improve throughout the next week, month, or year. And, let’s face it, keeping track adds some excitement and drama to the game. It’s fun to celebrate. The same applies to business and professional goals.

Let’s back up. Why set goals in the first place?  Goals give us focus and purpose. It can rally your team around a common set of goals/metrics to ensure everyone is focused in the same place.  Goals challenge us to push ourselves and drive to achieve more than we thought possible. We need these goals to see if we’re winning or losing in our business. We track business statistics too. Tracking our results (aka statistics) can be things like reviews and customer surveys, return rates, attach rates, etc.

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Keeping score, monitoring our results, and measuring our progress against our business and/or professional goals helps us measure and celebrate our successes. We’re also able to track our failures and setbacks so we can learn from them and do better the next time. 

I encourage you to set aggressive goals, often called stretch goals.  Check out our next blog on Setting Stretch Goals to learn more about this idea. You might not achieve them; however, you might accomplish more than you would if you set easy to reach goals.  And, what if you nail them!?!?!  Don’t be afraid of missing your goals. As long as you learn from the failures, this can be a healthy part of your business.

Athletes are interviewed by the media after games – both the winners and the losers. And, while the perspective is different, the message can be similar.  You hear things like “it was a great game, and I respect how hard the other team played”, “we knew it would be a challenging game and we had to stay focused”, and “we practiced and prepared and we were ready for this game”.  It’s not always the outcome, the journey itself can be rewarding.  This is also true in business.  Enjoy your business journey!