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Poolside Landscape Design

It doesn’t get much better than a well landscaped backyard pool


Poolside landscaping is our specialty. We pay attention to the details that can make, or break, your outdoor pool experience. We reflect on all 5 senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and sound. We consider what might drop in your pool (leaves, buds, fruit, flowers, etc.) or buzz your head when you’re trying to have fun and/or relax. Our goal is to improve the look of your pool by creating a focus area with the right plant height and width. Check out some of these poolside landscapes.


Landscape Design

Your landscape should be as individual as you!

There are hundreds of plants and landscape materials that work well in Texas soil and sun. It can be overwhelming to choose. Your level of interest in caring for this new landscape and the sun exposure in your yard both make a huge difference. You don’t have to be limited to only planting ferns in the shade. And, if your gardening experience is limited to your sprinkler system, you can still have an incredibly unique landscape. Let us help design your new landscape. Our 3D design enables you to visualize the specific plants and how they will look in your yard.  Check out some of our recent designs.


Outdoor Living & Kitchen Design

Spend more time outside!

Do you want to spend more time outdoors? Let Drenched Designs create an outdoor environment you won’t want to leave to go indoors. We can help you visualize the new living area, kitchen, patio, pergola, or meditation area you are dreaming about. Outdoor living can be especially difficult to visualize in a two-dimensional drawing. It’s hard to see exactly what you’re getting. A 3D design allows you to visualize everything allowing you to make changes, so your new backyard exceeds your expectations. Check out some of our recent outdoor area designs.


Pools & Spas

Get the pool of your dreams!


What are your pool dreams? Whether you want a splash pad, beach entry, tanning shelf, tables or benches, bubblers, fountains, sheer curtains, waterfalls, and/or boulders, we can design it! We design through a builders eye and understand pool construction, so we won’t over design. This helps avoid costly mistakes and construction delays. We plan to your budget. We also design visually, so we pay attention to focal points and flow. We spend time every week researching pool design to stay cutting edge.




Everything you need to implement

Whether you install it yourself (DIY) or put the implementation out to bid, we give you everything you need. Our Project Boards include 3D design images, a 2D scaled schematic of the project, plus, a plant and material palette. Plus, this deliverable helps you visualize your project before you begin to dig. This allows us to fine tune the design to ensure you love everything.