Working with us is FUN!

We’re creating something awesome. The process should be fun too!

Each project is unique which drives unique process changes; however, these are the major steps you can count on when working with Drenched Designs.

Step 1:

Consultative Brainstorm

We start by asking questions - lots of them! Some might seem unconventional because we’re trying to get to your true need and uncover all your ideas and expectations. This brainstorm should be a two-way conversation; so, bring your ideas. We can talk on the phone or through web video. Or, we can meet live at your business, my conference room, or over coffee. What’s most important is your comfort and convenience. If you want to prepare, use the link below to download a pre-work questionnaire.


Step 2:

Design Feedback Loop

We’ll create a mock-up which may include several options for your design. These mock-ups will be draft quality in order to get a feel for which direction you want us to take. Your feedback is critically important. The more you give, the better we’ll be able to exceed your expectations as we revise and finalize your design. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings. We love and crave your feedback! It helps us improve.


Step 3:

Finalize Deliverables

Once we finalize the design, we’ll send you the electonic deliverable in your preferred format. We can also use our vetted providers to print your designs.