Let’s have some fun!!

You’ve been dreaming of this new outdoor space - let us help bring your dreams to life.

Step 1: Consultation

Understand your outdoor dreams

We’ll schedule a live consultation so we can see your existing space. We’ll talk for about 45 minutes. We start by asking questions - lots of them! Some might seem unconventional because we’re trying to get to your true need and uncover all your ideas and expectations. This brainstorm should be a two-way conversation; so, bring your ideas and questions. If you have pictures, we want to see them. Pinterest and Houzz are great places to start. We’ll also show you some pictures so we can get your reaction to different style options. We also want to know about any challenges and what you what you like and don’t like about your existing space.

Next, we’ll take pictures and measurements. Sometimes we’ll schedule this for a different day. You do not need to be home. We’ll ask for a copy of your plat survey. You can scan and email us or give us a hard copy and we’ll be sure to return it to you. Finally, we’ll ask you to send us 4-5 pictures of projects you like so we get an even better sense of your design goals.


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Step 2: Design & Revise

Visualize your outdoor dreams

We’ll design your outdoor space using cutting edge 3D design software. We’ll send you multiple images from different perspectives so you can truly visualize your new space.

Your feedback is important. It allows us to make edits so we can exceed your expectations as we revise and finalize your design. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings. We love and crave your feedback!

Many customers choose to add a Plant Palette (photos of every plant) and/or Fly-over Video (ask about a narrated option) to further visualize your new space. Ask us about pricing for these options.


Step 3: Deliverables

Finalize the plan

Once we finalize the design, we’ll send you the electronic deliverables.

Standard deliverables include:

  • 3D Design images (up to 10 images)

  • Project Board includes the 2D schematic plan with plant and material labels

  • Plant List provides common and botanical plant names and quantities

We have add-on deliverables available:

  • Plant Palette provides photos of every plant on your 2D Project Board

  • Fly-over Videos immerse you in the design helping you visualize the outdoor space and learn about plant and material selection

  • Plant Care Cards provide you with all the details to take care of your plants

Standard Deliverable - Project Board

Standard Deliverable - Project Board

Add-on Deliverable - Project Board with Plant Palette

Add-on Deliverable - Project Board with Plant Palette

Add-on Deliverable - Plant Care Cards

Add-on Deliverable - Plant Care Cards


You’re ready to implement, now what?



Project oversight to ensure design standards are met. Daily course corrections are made. In this case we added custom planter boxes.

Project oversight to ensure design standards are met. Daily course corrections are made. In this case we added custom planter boxes.

Deck completed - ready for landscaping

Deck completed - ready for landscaping

Option 1: Hire us to oversee your implementation

For a % of the project cost, we’ll manage the implementation. This oversight begins with bid and contractor selection. Next, we’ll meet with every contractor to ensure they understand the plan. Then, we’ll inspect the job at every milestone to ensure the implementation is meeting our design standards.

Option 2: Use our deliverables to hire an independent landscape installer

Many of our clients have found they can recoup the design fee by conduction their own bid selection using our outstanding deliverables. You will be getting an apples to apples comparison on only the installation or implementation costs.

Option 3: DIY

If you have the skills, you have everything you need to Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Our deliverables include a 2D schematic map showing you exactly what to plant where. Our plant and material list can be given to your favorite nursery to get all the supplies you need.